Tuscan villas and gardens

Renaissance villas of Tuscany, Medici villas and their classic italianate gardens

Tuscan villas and gardens

The formal garden is an intrinsic part of any Renaissance Tuscan villa. The garden forms an extension of the interior of the house and ideally leads the eye to the landscape panorama beyond. Many of the beautiful villas of Tuscany, including several that belonged to or were build on behalf of the Medici, are open to the public and at least one of the magnificent structures should form part of your visit to Tuscany. There are also many true villas that rent rooms or apartments to tourists. Note that farmhouses (case coloniche) are often described in advertisements as villas, which they are not. You would not rent an entire villa for a single family - it would be much too big. The "villas" offered as single family vacation rentals are in fact restored farmhouses. 

Villa rentals in Tuscany

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